MYTAG System

MYTAG System is a complete Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning Solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Our patent pending technology re-imagines the entire physical access control space and integrates an end-to-end solution that delivers a secure “wireless” system by eleminating the need to run network cabling at a site, control upto 500 doors and track upto 10000 persons or assets in a single deployment at an affordable cost. It also allows for additions of future sensors and devices that our R&D  is building to add even more value to your installation.

The system scales up by adding additional MYTAG Gateways and utilizes a Zigbee wireless network architecture which is self forming, self healing and provides multi-hop routing with AES 128 grade encryption over the air. A device to device range of 20-150 meters ensures that fewer hops are required for the packets to reach the gateway giving an almost realtime update and control of data.

You can have an On-Premises deployment of the entire system or if you have to connect multiple sites, you can host the platform  securely on IBM's BlueMix.


Our MYTAG System product line 

MYTAG® Platform

Massively Expandable, Cloud or On-Premises Software Platform to manage always ON subscriptions, User/Asset Life Cycle Monitoring, Access Control Systems, Indoor Positioning. The Platform integrates with 3rd party Physical Access, Positioning or Facilities Management Systems through our API's. 

MYTAG® Enterprise Gateway

Multi protocol aggregator for thousands of smartcards and Tokens. Builds self configuring, self healing massive scale wireless mesh network of further gateways or readers to deliver solutions without network cabling. This is the heart of our MYTAG System and it builds a self forming, self healing multi-hop routing to contiunously complete the network thereby increasing it's range. 

MYTAG® Wireless Readers

Built with upto 4 wireless technologies in a single compact unit, Operates using Zigbee Pro and BLE (2.4 GHz), and reads NFC (13.56 MHz) or Prox (125 KHz) cards. They bind with assigned door locks to deliver on-the-fly access control and indoor positioning in a single package. 

MYTAG® Tokens, Beacons & Active Smart Cards

These active devices are assigned to Assets or personnel for access control and indoor positioning. Options are available with inbuilt Gyroscope+ Accelerometers and Solar charging.

MYTAG® Magnetic Door Strike 

A Standard Magnetic Door Lock enhanced with wireless technology to eliminate the need to run network cables to the controller. The lock binds with it's assigned wireless reader, extends the mesh network by acting as a router and provides door open sensors.

MYTAG® Mobile Apps

Open doors using your Smart Phone with multi factor authentication (PIN, Fingerprint, NFC) or Track Personal Assets for proximity (Approach and Departure mode).
Available on Android and iOS platforms.

Features (Personal)  

Getting a MYTAG Token allows you to do much more than finding your key ring! Here are some use cases where a MYTAG Token can prove to be very useful for you. These TAGs have a replaceable battery which can last upto a year depending upon the use of the buzzer.
@A Coffee Shop
Have you ever forgotten your Handbag at a Coffee Shop?

Just tag it with MYTAG and your App will buzz your Smart Phone if you move too far away from it. You can set a short or long range alert depending on how close you want it to be to you.
In case you still forgot it somewhere and don't remember where, just check the last known position on the inbuilt map in MYTAG App. Watch the video

@Public Transport
Worried about your SmartPhone or valuables being stolen while using Public Transport? 

Protect your Smart Phone: Using a MYTAG Token along with it's App allows you to trigger a loud alarm on the Smart Phone as soon as you realize it has been missing by pressing a button on the MYTAG. 
Protect your Bag: You can also tag your bag or other belonging with MYTAG and buzz it from your phone in case a bag is stolen, If the Bag moves more than 10 meters away from you, the Smart Phone will sound an alarm to alert you.

@ Crowded places with your Child
Worried about your little one wandering off in a Park while they play?  

Just slip a MYTAG in the child's Pocket. If the child wanders more than 10 meters away, your phone will alert you immediately!
In busy areas like a fair, you can set the range of the TAG to short so that you are alerted at a shorter range.

@ Airport Baggage  Belt
Tired of waiting for your Luggage to arrive on the Baggage Belt?

Tag your Luggage with MYTAG before checking it in and set your application to Approach Mode on arrival at your destination.
Wait comfortably near the belt and your Baggage will announce it's arrival by buzzing your Smart Phone when it arrives!

It's that simple.

MYTAG  - Beacons & Tokens

Never  Leave Anything Behind!!

Features (Enterprise)

Deploying the MYTAG PACIPS System in your premises allows you to go wireless and eliminate the need to deploy or maintain expensive network cabling. A Secure system with AES 128 encryption over the air, 
Wireless Access Control
No need to run network cables to controller

Use of IoT Technologies has made it possible to completely eliminate the need to  wire-up your premises. Just connect the MYTAG Enterprise Gateway to your router and fix the MYTAG Wireless Readers and Door Strike Controllers and connect the power. The system automatically forms its own self healing network and starts to function. Just Tap Away. 

Simultaneous Indoor Positioning
See where your Assets or Personnel are?

The MYTAG Wireless Readers are designed to simultaneously read MYTAG Active Smart Cards and MYTAG Tokens  10 meters away and relays the position within +/- 5 meters of the Tagged Asset and or Personnel. This can be viewed  instantly on the MYTAG Platform.  on 2D or 3D VR interface.

Tag Laptop with User
Never loose a Laptop or other valuable assets

Fix a MYTAG Gyro enabled Active Card to your Laptop and assign it to your user in the platform. Now the system will raise an alarm if the laptop moves and leaves the premises without it's assignee.

You can build multiple use cases 

Track Valuables
Know if a valuable moves!

An expensive painting or a vase, an import file or your valuables, just tag them with a Gyro enable MYTAG Token and your system will raise an alarm if it moves away from it's position. 

MYTAG System in Education
Track your Student

Deploying MYTAG System allows you to automatically mark attendance, know where a student or teacher is on Campus, monitor school bus usage and alert parents before the student is about to be dropped off at their bus stop. Watch the Video 

MYTAG System in Hospitals
Track Patients, Doctors and Expensive Equipment

Deploying MYTAG System in Hospitals allows the management to know where a critically needed doctor is, Tag and track newborns or patients, Find an expensive critical care bed or machine quickly and monitor maintenance staff/janitors etc. and their work schedules. 

MYTAG System in eGovernance
Check or fine a vehicle without stopping it

A car with a Solar enabled Active Smart Card mounted on the windshield can read by an officer from roadside upto 10 meters away from his Smartphone using MYTAG VRC App. The officer can know the Registration status, Pollution Certification Status and much more, the officer can also deduct points or fine the vehicle on the fly.

There are multiple exciting use cases that can be made including Road Tax, Toll, Green Tax monitoring in a citizen friendly manner.

MYTAG System in Museums
Display information on visitors mobile and track valuables

Assign a MYTAG Beacon to the displays. As a visitors comes close to the display, the Custom Museum MYTAG app will show the display item's information on their mobile. If the valuable display item is moved by anyone, an Alert will be generated instantly.

MYTAG  - Edu

A Solution for Educational Institutions. Automatic Student Attendance & School Bus Monitoring

SmartScos - Smart Card Operating Systems

eSmart is the developer of SmartScos Smart Card Operating Systems. Our products are licensed by world's leading companies that work in this domain and eSmart is one of the very few companies in India that have a royalty pipeline from the licensing of our OS products.

SmartScos® SCOSTA

A Native ISO 7816 Contact mode OS based on NIC's 1.2b specification with errata & addendum, SmartScos SCOSTA is available on NXP & Samsung and other micro-controllers.

Suitable for Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration, Micro Insurance, Micro Banking, National ID and many other schemes, the product is available with 32K and 64K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory.

SmartScos® SCOSTA CL

A Native ISO 14443 Type A & B Contactless mode OS based on NIC's 1.2 specification, SmartScos SCOSTA CL is available on NXP & Samsung micro-controllers.

The product is certified by international testing labs like FIME and Keolabs. The OS is available for licensing with upto 80K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory.

SmartScos® e-Passport

A Native ICAO 9303 compliant OS for MRTD application, The product is certified by Keolabs - France for interoperability. The product supports PA/BAC and AA/BAC.

SmartScos® eDL/iDL

A Native ISO 18013 - 1,2,3,4 compliant OS for global Electronic Driving License / International Driving License schemes. The product is certified by Keolabs.

SmartScos® e-Purse

A dual interface Native operating system with ISO 7816 and IDO 14443 support, the product is available with an optional embedded e-Purse which is suitable for closed loop payment systems.

SmartScos® PKI

A native operating system, SmartScos PKI is a RSA compliant smart card OS with RSA asymmetric key and PKCS#15 support. Supports RSA 1024 and 2048, SHA 1, SHA 256. 


Ajesh Kapur 

“eSmart is one of the few technology driven companies in India who have core competencies in multiple verticals. Their roadmap on Secure Products, IoT devices is both futuristic and innovative which is in line with global trends to build a strong foundation for their company..

They have self motivated dedicated teams who work tirelessly to accomplish project timelines.”   

Abhishyek Sharma

"eSmart has been a commendable partner for Samsung for smart card solutions that provide robust and innovative OS products on our platforms.

The support from eSmart has been excellent and we appreciate our association with them.

Col. Rakesh Mahajan

"eSmart has a professional team that provides us excellent support for running city projects in the Transport Domain.

They have worked with us on the projects since 2011 and have consistently met with the Service Level Agreements."

Sanjiv Jain

eSmart's prowess in Biometric technology allows us to deploy large scale Iris based identity assurance and access management solutions that offer 100% reliability and effectivenes allowing us to meet our SLAs.

They are an excellent partner that can be relied upon and deliver every time.