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About eSmart

“ We are a client focussed Identity Assurance and Secure IoT Solutions Company with a focus to build and deliver the most cost effective, technologically advanced yet simple to use solutions for our clients. To address the ever-evolving and pressing need to reliably identify and verify credentials and location; be it a person or a thing; e-Smart has designed and built sophisticated solutions with a potential to disrupt the Physical Access Control Market with IoT Technologies”

In this complex and interconnected world of the digital age, it is more and more important to reliably enroll, verify and authenticate credentials. Security is paramount both from the identity holder’s & verifier’s point of view and solutions have to be un-complicated. Newer technologies coming out of the IoT domain also present exciting new possibilities that are available to harness and revolutionize the way we identify people or things today by making them present additional data along with the secure identity of the person or thing. IoT technology takes us further and adds the ability to monitor and control all the environmental parameters that surround us to make everyone's lives better.

e-Smart, with it’s own Research & Development Lab strives to build just such solutions. It is a solution that not only allows physical access control wirelessly using IoT technologies, but also presents the relative location of the entity. 

Also under development are IoT devices that further expands our solution to give other useful information of global variables like temperature, air quality and allows to take coordinated action for energy management like switching on or off air conditioners, blowers or lighting, e-Smart does it all.

In addition to the above, In our firmware lab, we have historically built and delivered complex operating systems for smart card micro-controllers for varied smart card schemes and terminal and personalisation solutions. Our trained resources are highly respected and international industry giants that either outsource their R&D projects or license their OS products with us with royalty payments.

Our Hardware Design Lab is equipped to work on intricate solutions like Smart Card Readers, Terminals, IoT Sensors and Low Power WAN Networks and other high technology systems and our System Integration team is qualified to deliver projects under tight deadlines with adherence to very challenging SLAs.

A profitable company with robust cashflows, e-Smart’s focus is R&D and product development and we invest almost 30% of our annual budget in Research & Development & Innovation activities. 

The entire business is divided into 4 vertical profit centers, we call them the 4 Pillars of the company:


Firmware Design & Development

Our Lab has over 20 engineers with skills in embedded Firmware development and allows us to retain all intellectual property in the products we develop


Hardware Design & Development

A fully equipped lab with embedded system designers with diverse skill sets, we have inhouse development of all aspects of electronic hardware design starting from Industrial design to electronic product design.


Projects & System Integration

We selectively system integrate Identity Assurance projects such as complete issuance and life-cycle management of Driving Licenses & Vehicle Registration.


Offshore R&D & Product Development Services

Our customers outsource their product development, testing to dedicated teams we provide to speed up their time to market.


Some of the key members of our management team

Anurag Ashok

Founder, Director

Nitin Agrawal


Rishabh Agrawal

Platforms and Applications 

Ashok Kumar Joshi

Electronics Design

Abhishek Sapre

Sales & Marketing

Achinta Gucchait

Industrial Design