Card, Application & Key Management Systems (CAMS)

CAMS stands for Card & Application Management System. Depending on your industry, you may also have heard of it as SCMS (Smart Card Management System). Either way, the concept is the same: a CAMS is a piece of software that acts as central ‘engine’ in a card issuance scheme.

When a company (or bank, or government) wishes to issue smart cards to its staff (or customers, or citizens), it needs some way of managing and keeping track of the cards. To whom have cards been issued? At what stage in its life-cycle is a particular card (authorised, produced, in use, revoked)?

Application management deals with the applications on the card, which may include physical access to buildings, logical access to computers or networks, e-purse or cashless vending, biometrics, digital certificates, and many others. The application management component of a smart card management system sits in the middle of all these applications and manages their life cycle. What applications have been added to which cards? What is their status (active, revoked)?

Of course, the more complicated the whole set-up, the more complex the card management system will have to be. The complexity keeps on increasing when multiple applications, multiple life-cycles for cards, applications & keys become involved.

e-Smart has extensive experience in CAMS and have been at the fore-front of the industry in India since 2002. We offer a complete CAMS standards based, Golbal Platform Compliant, Scalable CAMS solution for any requirement in any domain. Our offerings include integration, deployment, maintenance & support services.

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