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A company incorporated in India, e-Smart possesses core expertise in developing & delivering Smart card related technologies & Solutions. Incorporated in 2004, We are a Research & Development oriented company and value creation is at the core of our belief. Working with a three pillar strategy, the fulcrum of our business model are Research & Development, Services & Alliances with Internationally competent and renowned solution providers.


Research & Development

A well established & fully equipped R&D unit specializing in embedded technology development, expertise range includes Smart Card Operating systems (OS), RFID solutions, NFC and Mobile & Biometric applications. Available under our tradename SmartScos(r) are OS's are developed based on the Scosta specifications. <read more>

We also undertake custom product development using the offshore business model and have delivered many products that are licensed by the who's who of the industry <read more>

Biometric Solutions

We build and deploy state of the art enterprise biometric solutions that provide 100% identity assurance to the users. Our Iris, Fingerprint and Facial recognition solutions find uses in many areas including Time & Attendance, e-Governance etc..

Alliances - Value Added Solutions


e-Smart, in a long standing partnership with Bell ID, provides ANDiS4EMV solution for the Banking Industry. The solution provides financial issuers with the opportunity to migrate from a magnetic stripe card scheme to a chip-based solution in several phases, addressing mass issuance, data preparation, cryptographic key management, EMV issuer script delivery, EMV parameter management, branch/instant issuance, static and dynamic multi-application management, post-issuance personalisation and other features.<read more>

press release 30th October 2008

Corporate ID (Logical & Physical)

A solution in a box, SmartGATE logical security solutions allow companies and other organizations to integrate the card based physical security with data & network (logical) security. Simply speaking, it allows the same card to be used for both purposes.

When tokens (either in the form of a smart card, USB token or SIM card) are to be deployed in an organisation, stable software that is based on industry standards and protocols is required. This software should provide either a standards-based PKCS #11 and/or Microsoft CryptoAPI (CSP) implementation, fully compliant with leading industry standards and protocols, while being so flexible that it can be used with multiple smart cards / USB tokens, multiple Operating Systems and multiple smart card readers.


We have extensive experience in conceiving and integrating large scale rollouts. Our deep understanding encompasses Card, Application & Key Manaegment (CAMS), Biometrics, Biographic & Biometric Enrolment, Biometric De-duplication. We offer solutions & consulting services for e-Governance projects <read more>